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We are all about family! Whether we are at home or at dog shows spending time with our 4 legged children, hanging out with our grown up son and his fiance, or traveling to other parts of greater Orlando, flying to destinations like Texas or New Jersey, or driving to south FL to hang out with relatives, we enjoy the feeling we get when we are around each other. We also love spending time with our extended family of owners of Yorkies previously purchased from us. Not to mention the pure joy of seeing how those little puppies have grown. It's a real joy when they still recognize us when we see them!   

J. Dominique Cannon

Owner - Handler


Born and raised in NJ but I just know I was a Floridian in a past life as Florida is where I feel most at home and at peace. You can take the girl from the beach but you can't take the beach out of this girl! I've been an ER RN as my profession for the last 21 years but my other passion, (a close 2nd), is animals...especially dogs...specifically Yorkies.  

Michael Cannon

Co-Owner - Handler


I am a rare breed...a native Floridian born just down the road in Winter Park, FL. There are not many of us as most of FL is populated with transplants from NJ and NY and I am so grateful for that! I lead a sales team for a large Telecom Company on the weekdays and do my best to help keep this beautiful woman beside me happy and organized in her dog adventures. I'm in charge of the business side of things including this website. Hope you like it! 

Austin Cannon

Best Son - Occasional dog sitter


I'm a native Floridian as well...born in nearby Tampa Bay, FL! I am engaged to the love of my life, Emily Meachem, and looking forward to a November 2021 Wedding! I love and support my parents with this passion project and always look forward to stepping in and helping when I can. 

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