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We promise that our word is our bond. We take our commitments seriously and enjoy working with people to help break the stereotype that all small dogs are "yappy ankle biters". We are big dog people who converted to this particular small breed because, so long as they are healthy, from great blood lines with great personalities, and are properly trained as puppies,  they are really just big babies in a small body. That's where we come in. We work tirelessly to raise our litters in a way that will help new owners find the awesome, adorable, loving, loyal, and obedient behaviors that we fell in love with ourselves! We also want to help train dogs and owners as well as sire more great litters with other partner breeders who's values align with ours.   


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Stud Services

We believe in quality over quantity which is why we are a low volume breeder. If we cannot do it right...then we will not do it at all. The old adage, "you get what you pay for", could not be more true...especially if you are purchasing a pet who will hopefully be a much-loved member of your family for the next 15 or more years. So please check out what we can do to help you enrich your life with a baby 4 legged friend. We are sold out of puppies as of 2/13/2021. Please subscribe to get notified of the 2 upcoming litters that we are expecting soon. Then, please read through the criteria below. If you can say yes to all bulleted items...please contact us at your earliest convenience.


  • I/we will be 100% honest about our intentions to keep the dog as a pet or show/breed it.

  • I/we have a stable, unabusive, home life and am prepared to prove it with in home inspections and proper vetting by Cannon Yorkies.

  • I/we have reviewed this Sample Contract and would be willing to abide by all terms and conditions within. (It can be amended for trusted breeding partners)

Like all dogs, Yorkies get really excited and bark when a new visitor knocks or rings the doorbell but soon calms down and relaxes after they give you proper welcome kisses, etc... You can also count on them guarding your house against squirrels, lizards, or snakes and will alert you when one is near so you can assist them...not that they think they need your help. :-) Otherwise they are relaxing on your lap, cuddling you in 100 other ways, sleeping, playing, or chewing bones. We mainly specialize in Yorkies but can also be helpful with puppies of other breeds. Please get in touch with us to let us know what we can specifically do to help you! We promise that if your needs are beyond our scope, we will happily refer you to a reputable trainer that we trust in order to help your unique situation.    

If you are an existing breeder partner, or you want to inquire about it, please contact us or come talk to us at a show. Our only sire currently is Angus, son of grand champion "Gracie Lou" AKC name (CH Brava York Tenis Cannon's Country Girl). You may have already competed against Angus as he is a Grand Champion himself and is currently retired from showing. We may feature a new sire soon. Please inquire for more information. Our sire's are taught after due to their disease-free bloodlines, strong bones, great knees, and one a kind temperament and personality that we are becoming known for amongst breeders and buyers.

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