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" Just wanted to say Merry Christmas! Belle and Indie are perfection for Brian and Yesi. They are so thrilled and in love. Thank you so very much! You gave them a lot of lovely things for the pups too! I'm getting so many pictures because they are so excited over their new babies! You made a family very, very happy. I wish you many blessings in the new year! In my opinion, this is the epitome of reputable, good breeding! I am grateful."


"When I reached out to Mike, I was at my wit’s end.  My little 5 month old Yorkie was refusing to eat his dog food.  He only wanted the food I was cooking for the family.  I made the mistake of trying to make his food myself, thinking that would solve my problem.  I made what I thought was healthy food he would like.  He ate it the first couple of times and even then he picked out the chicken and refused the rice and sweet potatoes.  I reached out to Mike in desperation.  He asked me several questions about the feeding habits I had established and then suggested a plan for my puppy.  I immediately set the new plan into action and 4 days later,  I am so grateful to say, my little boy is eating his dog food!  Thank you so much Mike.  You have no idea how thankful I am for your advice!"


Lisa Houston


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